Winter is Coming & Do Cold Weather Really Increase Backache

hypothermiaHave you heard about hypothermia? This condition happens when your body’s internal temperature falls too low. According to health experts, a prolonged exposure to mild cold weather can even cause hypothermia. The most common symptoms include a backache and stiffness in the neck, shoulders, arms, and legs. During winter seasons older adults tend to suffer most from hypothermia. Therefore, it is advisable to have a heating system in the house to get rid of coldness.

When the light duration is shorter during the winter days, people may suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and depression. Even though experts say SAD is independent of temperature, people living in the extreme latitudes may be affected by this condition. On the hand, too cold weather can lead to depression because your body is less active. A reliable heating system is recommended to keep your body at the normal temperature condition.

wifi thermostatNowadays, Wi-Fi thermostats are the best for regulating climate in your house. They have an array of benefits compared to the traditional thermostats. This article will help you understand more about smart thermostats, and why you need to have one integrated into your central heating system.

Wi-Fi Thermostats and Benefits

Wi-Fi thermostats utilize a technology that allows you to control your home’s climate remotely using a computer or mobile devices such as tablet or smartphone. It facilitates an easier way of regulating your home heating even without coming into contact with the system itself.

Here are the benefits of using Wi-Fi thermostats;

  1. Efficient energy usage

energy efficientUnlike those thermostats that use a control panel to regulate temperature, Wi-Fi thermostats utilize a technology to control your home heating remotely. You can use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to regulate your central heating regardless of your location. During winter seasons, the temperatures are too low outside and inside the house. So, you might need to warm your house a few minutes before arriving at home. With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you will just turn on the system even before getting out of the office. The thermostat is connected to the internet network, and therefore you can log in and operate while you are far from home. It helps you save on energy bills because you don’t heat an empty room. In other words, you only switch on when heating is needed.

  1. Programmability

Modern thermostats do not rely solely on the control panel to regulate temperature in the house. Wi-Fi thermostats are programmable, meaning you can program the device to adjust itself according to temperature changes. This is very important especially due to temperature fluctuations during winter seasons. In case you forgot to program it, there is nothing to worry because it can be done remotely. You don’t need to return home early to adjust the heating. With your smartphone or tablet, everything can be done just by few taps. This feature makes the smart thermostat one of the handiest units to have in the house.

  1. Highly dependable

In addition to programmability feature, Wi-Fi thermostats are quite dependable for effective temperature regulation. The modern versions come with temperature differential feature, which maintains a steady heating throughout. The best Wi-Fi thermostats have a differential temperature of 1 Degree Celsius. This means the absolute error is 0.5 Degrees Celsius. If you program the thermostat to heat at 50 Degrees Celsius, the thermostat will be turning on whenever the temperature rises or lowers by 0.5 Degrees Celsius. This ensures that the occupants will never experience any difference in temperature. Try not to forget to read Wi-Fi thermostat reviews here.

  1. Ability to control remotely

 remote controlThe ability to control heating of your house remotely is an added advantage to any homeowner. Since the thermostat is internet enabled, you can access from any location. You can monitor the heating in your house while at work and program when it should turn on before you reach home. This is quite beneficial because you will find a suitable climate in the house. The modern thermostats can detect the current weather and control the heating based on that. In addition, it helps save more energy because you can turn on and off while you are away from home.

  1. Monitor the air filter

Wi-Fi thermostats use filter detectors to detect the rate of air filter wear. Since they can be operated remotely, you can check when the filter needs a repair or replacement. This is a very useful feature because you can plan better without constraining your financial budgets. It becomes easier and cheaper to maintain because you have real-time information about the condition of your home heating system.


The smart thermostats have much to offer due to their improved features. Some models can learn your schedule by detecting the presence of your mobile device in the house. Others learn your behavior and can sense when you are on the way to home, and therefore prepare the home’s temperature before arriving.


What Condition is Causing My Neck Pain?

neck painMany people working in the offices complain about neck pain, and some of them do not understand the real cause of such problems. If you are an office professional and you have neck-related pains, there are three main questions you need to answer yourself. What kind of office chair do you use? What is your sitting posture while in the office? How do you interact with your office chair?

If your office is not equipped with ergonomic chairs, you need to buy them as soon as possible before the pain escalates. There are many ergonomic chairs in the market and especially the ones with heating & massage function are worth buying, and you can find one on your budget. A poor posture when sitting on the chair is a concern because it is one of the major causes of neck pain. If you do not yet know the right sitting posture while in the office, it is time to find out what it entails. Lastly, slouching on the office chair is harmful to your health because it stresses the back muscles. This can lead to serious neck and back pains over time if not addressed in advance.

ergonomicThe core thing on how to prevent neck pain is by having an ergonomic office chair. This article will help you understand the benefits of ergonomically designed office chairs. Every benefit is based on the features of the chairs, and how they help users to prevent unwanted back and neck-related aches.

Benefits of Ergonomic Office Chairs

  1. They have an adjustable seat height

Almost all ergonomic chairs have an easy-to-use adjustable seat height feature for comfortable sitting. The reliable office chairs allow users to adjust height from 16 to 21 inches, depending on the height of a user. After adjusting the height, ensure that your feet are kept flat on the floor while the thighs are resting horizontally on the chair’s seat. To have an ergonomic sitting posture, your arms should rest on the armrests at the same height to the worktable. This provides a good sitting position that will not stress your neck muscles by elevating your eyes to see the computer screen.

They have a supportive width and depth

Every authentic ergonomic office chair has a supportive width and depth. The adequate width allows you to sit comfortably while your back is supported by the back of the chair. Most of the chairs are designed to allow about two inches between the chair’s seat and your knees. When it comes to width, people have different abdominal width. Therefore, these chairs are designed to reduce back pain regardless of size and shape. Most of them have forward and backward tilt feature so that the user can adjust according to the nature of the working desk.

They have a lumbar support

lumbarThe ergonomic office chairs are ideal for a long hour sitting because they have a lumbar support feature. This is essential because your lower back is adequately supported, thus ensuring the spine curve is not interrupted. This curve can be very delicate if not well supported, and it may start to flatten gradually. Eventually, the entire spine structure will experience stress as a result of uneven weight distribution. Therefore, ergonomic chairs provide a comfortable sitting experience through both adjustable height and depth lumbar support features.

They have a backrest

Ergonomic office chairs are made to suit different people based on their back width. The backrest width is broad enough to accommodate every size, and that is why most of the backrest width measure 12 to 19 inches. The angle and height of the backrest are also adjustable to ensure more improved user experience. Even those office chairs that come with separate backrests also have safe adjustable angle and height. Another important feature is the shape of the backrest since it is designed to support the spine curve and the lumbar area.

They have comfortable seating and backrest

backrestThe essence of having an ergonomic office chair is comfort and safety. In addition to many essential features, a reliable ergonomic chair has a comfortable seating and backrest made up of sturdy and durable material. The backrest and seating material may differ from one chair to the other, but they all offer comfort depending on the user’s needs. The porous seating and backrest material is ideal for long hour sitting. If you spend a few hours in your office, a hard seating material will offer the sitting comfort you need.

Even though ergonomic office chairs offer many benefits, they are not 100% perfect. It is worth noting that sitting for more than 8 hours on an office chair on a daily basis will definitely cause neck-related pains over time. That is why it is recommended to adjust the chair often in order to change your sitting position. This is very important because you will prevent excessive stress on the spine structures.

Six Steps to Keep Our Water Softeners Healthy

softener roBoth Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis systems are quite essential in our homes. A water softener is useful if you live in an area with hard water. It helps reduce water hardness by getting rid of the salts – calcium and magnesium. Salt-free water is best for washing clothes and bathing. No dingy gray color on the fabric and your skin and hair are left feeling soft and natural.

Ro water is simply purified water used for drinking and other domestic purposes. The system removes harmful contaminants such as heavy metals and microorganism, making the water safe for human consumption. The benefits of having purified and softened water are many including disease prevention and reduced costs of buying soaps and shampoos. Note that, hard water uses more soap.

With the many advantages at your fingertips, a damaged water softener or RO system is the last thing you would want to see. In order to ensure that your softener stays healthy, here are the six steps to follow always;

Step 1: Use pure salt iron remover

water softener healthThis is one of the common things many people overlook when it comes to maintaining a healthy water softener. Some homeowners use the standard rock salt because it is relatively cheaper, but they realize the mistake when it is too late. The rock salt creates a thick accumulation of sediments in the brine tank. This is harmful to the unit because the debris can clog the control valve and the injector. So, pure salt is the best for keeping your softener clean.

Step 2: Add salt when necessary

If you have been using a water softener, probably you have made several mistakes. However, doing blunders is not the right way to learn how to keep your unit healthy. When the salt is used up, more salt is required which is accompanied by refilling the tank. However, you should only add more salt when the salt in the tank is almost finished. This will prevent salt buildup at the bottom of the tank.

Step 3: Refill two-thirds full tank

Once you have added salt, you need to refill the tank. However, avoid exceeding above two-thirds of the tank.

Step 4: Use Iron-Out for cleaning your softener

iron outIf the water contains iron, the resin bed may produce a bad odor after several months of use. The dirt sticks on the resin bed, as well as on the control valve. This means the parts should be cleaned to keep your softener healthy. The Iron Out is highly recommended for cleaning, and you should use it once a year for best results.

Step 5: Clean the brine tank every other year

The buildup salt at the bottom of the tank should be removed once a year. The addition of more salt is the main cause of salt buildup, and that is why you are advised to add more once the salt in the tank is almost finished. Since the salt is hardened, you need to remove it using a broom while those tiny sediments can be removed using a shop vacuum. Clean the tank using soap and water, and then rinse thoroughly.

Step6: Ensure the softener’s drain line is well installed

When installing the drain line, avoid pushing its end into the floor drain. This is important because the drain may suck-up sewage into the softener from the main drain line.

Reverse Osmosis System

reverse osmosisIn most cases, the municipal water has minerals, microbes, salts, and metals. These substances alter the normal taste and odor of water, and therefore the water quality is affected. The Reverse Osmosis (RO) system addresses these problems by removing those elements through a purification process. The RO water is safe and healthy for human consumption.

Reverse Osmosis system sometimes may fail. The purifiers may get damaged such that there is no water production, or there is very little water flow. Even though there are other problems that can occur in an RO system, the most common one is the low flow or low water production. You can choose the most suitable reverse osmosis system for your home here on

How to Fix Low Flow/Low Water Production in Reverse Osmosis System

low flowIf the reverse osmosis membrane is fouled or the filtration cartridges are clogged, they need to be replaced because they are some of the major causes of low flow or low water production.

When the incoming water pressure is below 40 psi, there are high chances the water production will be low. However, carbon filters work well even when pressure is as low as 10 psi as long as the feed water valve is turned on.

If the RO system tank is defective, you will notice the water flow is quite low. Even though the tank might contain the RO water, the low air pressure inside makes it difficult to push water to the tap or faucet.

Tubes of the RO system might have several folds at different points. These should be repaired by straightening the kinked areas.

Pay Attention in Your Bathroom – The Healthy Way To Do It

postureA toilet is an essential facility we cannot live without. With the modern toilets, you just do your ‘business‘ while sitting. It is considered more ‘civilized’ to start and finish your toilet session while in a sitting position. However, some critics have come with a different opinion. They say the traditional squat position is better when it comes to efficient elimination. Anyway, it will depend on personal experience!

Since we have been used to modern toilets, many forget that the sitting posture has various implications and can affect the spine structures. This can even cause a backache, but very few people know that. The sitting time on the toilet may differ from person to person, but you are likely to feel back pain if you usually visit the toilet more frequently – that is, for a long call. The type of toilet you have may also determine whether or not you will feel back pain after the session. Toilets come in different styles, and they offer different levels of comfort. If a toilet offers a higher comfort, there will be fewer chances of getting a backache.

types of toiletsTo make your toilet search simpler, we have highlighted the different types of toilets. It is worth noting that these toilets come at different prices. Therefore, do not forget to compare prices for every model. This is important so that you can stay within your budget, as well as get what you wanted. So, let us look at the types of toilets based on their features.

Types of Toilets

  1. WC Health

wc healthThis is one of the most comfortable toilets on the market because it is designed by combining squatting pan and water closet comfort. It a red dot design award-winning toilet, with a sitting height of about 22 to 25 centimeters from the floor. This height is comfortable for most people. In addition to its comfortable features, it is coated with an anti-bacterial finish to keep it healthy throughout.

  1. Western Water Closet

These are designed for sitting because they come with a cover and seat. After using, you should close the cover before flushing. Almost all the toilets have an attached flushing tank which may be ceramic or plastic. A water seal inside the toilet traps a small amount of water. A typical western water closet has an open rim since the high position of the flushing tank makes the flushing efficient. Depending on your height, this toilet may be suitable for you. It has an average height of 500mm.

  1. Two-piece toilets

two piecesA two-piece toilet is designed by combining a ceramic tank and the toilet bowl. They are joined together with bolts, and that is why it is referred to as a two-piece toilet. They usually have closed rim so that water can be pressurized during flushing. It is a sitting toilet and can be ideal for those looking for either floor or wall mount toilets.

  1. One piece

This type of toilet is similar to western water closet toilets, and they come with a flush tank attached to the body of the toilet itself. The fused body and tank are made of ceramic and then fused together. They are perfect and reliable because leakage problems are significantly minimized. However, only the floor mount models are available in the market. This is because they are too heavy to install on the wall.

  1. Squatting pan

This is known as a classic and cheaper toilet compared to western water closet models. The toilet is not connected directly to the drainage pipeline because bad odor may suck into the squatting pan. It is connected using S or P trap and a water seal in order to prevent bad odor from escaping from the drain line pipe. The toilet may not be comfortable for those who don’t want to elevate their legs!

  1. Smart toilet

smartThese are the latest toilets on the market. They come with an electronic seat cover attached to the ceramic toilet. It can use a remote for setting parameters and functions. Some of its features include;

Automatic play of pre-set lyrics when someone comes closer

Seat cover opens automatically by use of sensors when person approaches

Dual flush – full or eco flush


There are many types of toilets today, and the classic models are being replaced by the modern versions day by day. However, every toilet comes with its own design features. It is easier to find a toilet as long as you have in mind the features you want. You might have seen it somewhere, and probably you are planning to remodel your bathroom. You should first check the size of the toilet and compare with the size of your bathroom. In other words, the toilet should fit well and leave a space for easy closing and the opening of the door.

How to Dispose of Garbage in Environmentally Sound Way

pollutionEnvironmental protection is a responsibility for all of us. We need to take good care of our environment by disposing of garbage in a more sustainable way. Relying solely on landfills to dump garbage can have negative impacts on the environment. Given that the food waste accounts for more than half of solid waste generated in urban areas, poor solid waste management can lead to high environmental pollution.

Due to the enormous food waste generated in every household, a landfill or dumpsite is not sufficient. Not every food waste should be transported to the landfills. For instance, soft fruit peels and vegetables can be ground and flushed into the drain pipe line using a garbage disposal. We shall see the benefits of having a garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposals

garbage disposalIf you have been using a garbage disposal, definitely you know it is one of the essential kitchen units. For those that have never used it before, you may wonder why they are being praised all over. It facilitates you kitchen chores because you don’t need to worry about those small and soft food materials. These wastes can clog your sink drain, but they can be disposed of through a garbage disposal easier.

Benefits of Garbage Disposals

Environmental Benefits

Most homeowners use plastic or polythene papers to put food wastes such as vegetables, fruit peels, and other food leftovers. You will need several papers on a daily basis, and thus increasing the amount of solid wastes generated in your house. Those papers are a big threat to the environment because they pollute soil, clog drainage systems, and degrade the appearance of the physical surrounding. With a garbage disposal, you will reduce the usage of such papers.

When food wastes are transported and dumped into a landfill, they rot and emit greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide. These gasses are responsible for increasing atmospheric temperature and therefore result in negative impacts on the environment. For instance, increased atmospheric temperature causes glaciations and floods that may lead to the destruction of property and loss of lives.

A garbage disposal uses water to flush the waste into the main drain pipe line. Same amount of water is used when trying to flush the waste through the sink drain. However, the sink drain may clog and attract costly plumbing repair work. With a garbage disposal, the liquid waste is efficiently directed to the main sewer treatment. The waste can be processed and used to make fertilizers, while the methane gas is used as a source of energy.

When the waste food is being transported, methane gas is produced constantly. This is a greenhouse gas, and can be harmful to the environment. Also, it can cause respiratory problems to humans and animals if inhaled directly. The garbage disposal eliminates this problem by ensuring the wastes are transported to the waste treatment through the drainage system.

Kitchen Hygiene Benefits

Throwing food wastes into a trash bag is unhygienic in the kitchen. This is because the rotting food will attract unwanted bacteria in the house. These bacteria may cause diseases such as cholera and diarrhea. With a quality garbage disposal, you can effectively get rid of the food wastes and flush the waste into the drain pipe.

cleaning kitchenThe rotting food waste can attract insects such as cockroaches and flies in the house. No one would like to see those insects. Once they feed on the waste, they attract bacteria which make the waste produce a bad odor. A garbage disposal helps you dispose of the waste in a cleaner way.

If you have a garbage disposal, you don’t need many trash bags to put food wastes. So, the trash bag will be filled with more non-rotting materials, and therefore no bad odor. Transporting the waste to a collection point is tiresome and hectic, especially if the bag is full of smelly and leaking wastes.

Convenient Benefits

dirtyA garbage disposal makes it easy when washing dishes after a meal. You don’t need to force food wastes into the sink drain. You just clean up the utensils and dispose of the food materials through the garbage disposal.

It is easy to use. You just drop the wastes into the unit, and then turn on the power button. The machine grinds the materials into small particles. Add water to flush the waste into the drain pipe for them to be directed to the sewage.

Lastly, a garbage disposal uses very minimal amount of water and energy. It will help you save more water and energy in the long run. Also, you will need limited plumbing repair because your sink drain is not being used to dispose of solid wastes. You will realize you have saved a lot of time and money in the long run. If you don’t have a garbage disposal at home, you are losing many benefits. Make arrangements of buying one.

Fix for a Stiff Neck & 5 Remedies

stiff neck.A stiff neck can cause headaches and other pains on the upper back and shoulder blade. The major causes of a stiff neck include muscle stressing and poor sitting posture, as well as emotional stress. The muscle strain and bad posture are accompanied by fatigue around the neck, shoulders, and back, while emotional stress causes muscle tightening which may lead to neck stiffness and pain.

ChiropractorWhen you have a serious neck problem, it is recommended to see a chiropractor. The professional will diagnose the problem by carrying out various examinations on your body. The process includes testing neck movement, testing locked nerves, examining overall back muscles, and examining joint and spine movement. Sometimes neck pain at the base of the skull may fade away even without treatment. However, you can opt for a short-term treatment such as physiotherapy or chiropractic. This is a manual treatment of muscles that is almost similar to a massage therapy.

Given the tight schedules in our today’s life, not everyone can get time to arrange an appointment with a physiotherapist. The massage centers are ever crowded, and you may stay the whole day in the queue waiting for your turn. This can be inconvenient especially for office professionals who want to spend the weekends and holidays with their families. Therefore, a massage chair can be the ultimate solution to get a relaxing massage therapy at the comfort of your home.

Massage Chairs and Benefits

Treat a stiff pain

benefitsActivities such as swimming, weight lifting, and prolonged sitting can lead to a stiff neck. This is because you are stressing the back and neck muscles. Sometimes you may wake up in the morning feeling pain on the neck due to strained muscles, especially if the pillow is not supportive enough. You can opt for a physiotherapy treatment if you have time to schedule an appointment. However, will you fail to go to work because you want to visit a massage center? Unless you are the boss, you will not risk losing your job. Even the bosses are always busy looking for new clients to grow their companies. Therefore, a massage chair can be an ideal solution. It is like you have a massage facility at home where you get the service whenever you want it.

Alleviate emotional stress

emotional stressAs I pointed out earlier, emotional stress can cause stiffness and pain around the neck region. Stress and depression are becoming very common among people due to various life commitments. You might be getting a lot of pressure from your bosses or just normal family issues are giving you sleepless nights. No matter the source of your stress, you are likely to suffer from neck pains, as well as fatigue and increased heartbeat rate. A good massage is can alleviate emotional stress, hence treating the other stress-related diseases. The best and convenient way to get a relaxed massage at your comfort is by having your own massage chair. These units are designed to work almost similarly to a human touch massage therapy. Therefore, your body will release the neurotransmitters to improve your mood. It will also get rid of neck-related migraines, thus improving your overall body health.

Improve your posture

good posturePoor sitting posture is one of the causes of a stiff neck, especially if you sit for long hours in the office. If the posture is not well balanced, a prolonged sitting may cause neck pains. The body responds by bending. So, at the old age, you will realize your upright posture is disappearing. A professional masseuse can help to correct the posture through regular massage therapy. However, it may not be possible to visit a massage center twice or thrice a week. So, having a massage chair at home can help get the massage therapy even 5 times a week.

Improve blood flow

improves blood flowWhen muscles are stressed, they tend to become stiffer and compact. This affects the adequate flow of blood to the tissues, and sufficient nutrients and oxygen may not reach the muscle tissues. The result will be the formation of lactic acid within the tissues, which causes fatigue and feeling tired throughout. To improve the blood flow, a good massage can do the trick. This is because it relaxes the muscles, allowing sufficient blood to flow into the tissues. Unlike massage centers, massage chairs are more reliable because you can get the service any time you want it. If you are in search of a top rated massage chair, you might want to check massage chair reviews on

Improve trapped nerves

trapped nervesThe nerves are essential for effective communication among body organs. When the muscles are stressed, also the nerves may not work effectively. This is one of the causes of fatigue and neck-related headaches. This lowers your performance even at work because you feel exhausted and tired. A good massage can relieve muscle tension, and revitalize the trapped nerves. This can be achieved effectively by having your own massage chair at your disposal.

Caring Yourself at Kitchen – Dish Washing With The Correct Posture

stressDid you know that the common kitchen activities can stress your body muscles? For instance, you must bend and stretch when picking something out of the fridge, oven, or cupboards. Washing utensils in the sink can cause muscle straining due to a prolonged standing posture. Any lengthened posture has an impact on your spine, and it may lead to a backache. Kitchen chores seem very obvious to most of us, but they might be harming your spine structures unknowingly.

Different kitchen interior designs may differ from one house to another. Deeper sinks require bending slightly for you to rinse the utensils or foods properly. If the countertop is too high to reach properly, you need to stretch in order to work well. Above all, the type of kitchen faucet you have might be causing backache if you are stretching too much while washing dishes.

It is almost impossible to have 100% perfect kitchen faucets for comfortable working, but you can install models that can help you work more efficiently. This can be achieved through selecting the ideal faucet so that you don’t stand with a bad posture as you wash the dishes.

Types of Kitchen Faucets to Reduce Backache

Pull-down kitchen faucet

pull downIf you want a faucet to wash the dishes without stressing your back, pull out faucets can be the right option. Even if the sink is relatively deeper to reach properly, the faucet’s spray wand can help you rinse a pot while standing upright. It spreads water over a large surface area, making it ideal if you don’t want to bend.

Pull-out kitchen faucet

pull outPull-out faucets are useful for filling large vessels even outside the sink. For those with deeper kitchen sinks, it can be hectic to fill a pot and get it out of the sink. The pull out models have a spray wand that can be pulled out of the sink, and therefore making it easier to fill a vessel while placed on the countertop. This will also prevent too much bending, especially if you rinse stuff too often.

Two handle kitchen faucet

two handleIf you have a lower countertop, probably it will be difficult to work if your waist height is a bit higher than the countertop. A perfect countertop should have same height to your waist so that you don’t stretch your hands and back to reach the stuff placed on top. Therefore, you can solve this problem by installing a two handle faucet instead of replacing the entire countertop. The two handles are connected to the faucet itself, ensuring that it is above the countertop. This reduces the need to stretch too much to fill a container placed on the countertop. Therefore, you will prevent chances of experiencing backache afterward.

Widespread kitchen faucet with two handles

widespreadThese have two handles just like a two handle faucet, but they don’t have a centerset because the handles are not connected to the spout. However, the faucet is above the countertop. This means you don’t strain your back and hands while trying to get a pot out of the sink.

Wall mounted kitchen faucet

wall mountApart from their elegance looks, the wall mount kitchen faucets will prevent back pain. One of the causes of a backache is cleaning a countertop for several minutes since many faucets are installed on the countertop. They block your way while washing the countertop, and therefore spending a longer time. Since these are mounted on the wall, you will spend just a few minutes to clean the countertop. This means you will not stand for too long, which may cause back pain afterward.

Kitchen pot filler faucet

A typical kitchen pot filler faucet is mounted on the wall, but there are deck mount models available for island cooktop. They can be comfortably used while standing, thus preventing frequent bending whenever you want to fill a larger container.

Kitchen faucet with cold water dispenser

These are quite useful if you wash food stuff too frequent. They are designed to be positioned in food preparation sinks such as in the kitchen island. This allows you to cut and wash your vegetables comfortably, without stretching and bending too often.

Commercial kitchen faucet

commercialThese are designed with a tall gooseneck spout with a height of about 30 inches. They are highly professional and suitable for a modern kitchen. They are similar to pull down faucets because the long hose spray is suitable for even deeper sinks. The tall spout and the multi-option spray help the user to prevent bending while washing foods or dishes in the sink.

Lastly, the above types of kitchen faucets are likely to help you prevent a backache after working in the kitchen. They come in different prices and options to choose from. Therefore, you can check and compare the prices so that you can get what fits your needs and budget.

Benefits of a Good Hot Shower Every Morning

 hot showerTaking a hot shower every morning is quite beneficial to our health, though it may seem too obvious because many of us are used to it. Typical hot shower water temperature ranges from 96 to 105 Fahrenheit. This provides an optimal heating effect, which not only feels good but also refreshes your overall body condition. Unlike what many people think of hot shower, it doesn’t make your skin look dry unless you are using hard water. Just 5 to 10 minutes under the shower is enough to calm your nerves and rejuvenate your body ready for the next activity.

Here are a few benefits of a morning hot shower;

Reactivate your body

activateA hot shower in the morning is an effective way to reactivate your body, especially before starting your workout. Sometimes your muscles feel compact and stiff in the morning after waking up. This could be a reason you don’t feel like doing your routine exercise. A quick hot shower can relieve that muscle stiffness and improve blood flow to the muscles. In other words, a hot shower is a perfect method to warm up the muscles and get ready for your daily workout.

Loosen joints

If you occasionally feel your joints are loose in the morning, an instant hot shower can be a better solution. This usually happens due to previous stressing activities, which makes the muscles feel exhausted and tired. The joints may also develop some mild pain related to arthritis and muscle cramps. A hot shower is a natural remedy that triggers blood flow and improved circulation throughout the body. This helps in loosening the joints, muscles, tendons, and tissues, making your body feel calmed.

Relieves stiff neck

stiff neckA stiff neck leads to other problems such as pains in the shoulders and the upper back. It can be caused by muscle overuse and emotional stress, as well as poor sitting posture. A hot shower can be the best treatment for a stiff neck because the heat rejuvenates the trapped nerves and compact muscles. For effective relieve, roll your neck and shoulders gently while in the shower to loosen the muscles further.

Skin cleansing

If you feel your skin is not aerated properly, probably there are toxins accumulated in the pores. The toxins are as a result of creatine and ammonia in the sweat, and can be cleaned through taking a hot shower. When you aerate the skin, the whole body feels refreshed and revitalized. This is quite important for effective performance even at work.

Get rid of coughs

If you usually take a cold shower during chilly weather, you are doing yourself an injustice. Cold weather is associated with frequent coughs which may not disappear as long as you are taking cold showers. A hot shower is an ideal way to get rid of the coughs because it eliminates the build up mucus in the nose and throat. The mucus is responsible for constant coughs and sneezing. Also, a hot shower can treat other problems associated with chilling conditions.

Types of Shower Heads

shower headIf you want a relaxing hot shower, ensure your bathroom has a good shower head. There are many types of shower heads in the market, which come at different prices. It is easy to find a reliable shower head as long as you know what you want. However, the cost of these units may be one of the limiting factors. It is advisable to check the features and the design first before buying. This is because some brands may sell at high prices whereas there are other better options to purchase at affordable prices.

Here are the shower head options to consider;

Single spray showerhead

This is a conventional shower head for a standard bathroom. They are relatively cheaper and come with an adjustable water nozzle for regulating shower patterns.

Rain shower head

The rain shower head is becoming a popular choice for many homeowners, especially when remodeling their bathrooms. They are ideal for spreading water over a larger surface area. No excessive hit pressure while taking a shower.

Handheld shower head

These are ideal for cleaning or rinsing those hard-to-reach areas. Also, they can be perfect when taking a hot shower because you can direct a steam of water to an aching area.

Dual shower head

A dual shower head consists of several typical heads, and it has a lever control to adjust water flow. They also have a diverter valve whereby you can use a single head at a time. They come in different designs. Some have fused shower heads, while others have separated shower heads.

Ceiling shower heads

These are mounted on the bathroom ceiling, and they give a rain-like shower similar to rain shower heads. It spreads water over a large surface area but does not splash water on the bathroom walls.

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