hot showerTaking a hot shower every morning is quite beneficial to our health, though it may seem too obvious because many of us are used to it. Typical hot shower water temperature ranges from 96 to 105 Fahrenheit. This provides an optimal heating effect, which not only feels good but also refreshes your overall body condition. Unlike what many people think of hot shower, it doesn’t make your skin look dry unless you are using hard water. Just 5 to 10 minutes under the shower is enough to calm your nerves and rejuvenate your body ready for the next activity.

Here are a few benefits of a morning hot shower;

Reactivate your body

activateA hot shower in the morning is an effective way to reactivate your body, especially before starting your workout. Sometimes your muscles feel compact and stiff in the morning after waking up. This could be a reason you don’t feel like doing your routine exercise. A quick hot shower can relieve that muscle stiffness and improve blood flow to the muscles. In other words, a hot shower is a perfect method to warm up the muscles and get ready for your daily workout.

Loosen joints

If you occasionally feel your joints are loose in the morning, an instant hot shower can be a better solution. This usually happens due to previous stressing activities, which makes the muscles feel exhausted and tired. The joints may also develop some mild pain related to arthritis and muscle cramps. A hot shower is a natural remedy that triggers blood flow and improved circulation throughout the body. This helps in loosening the joints, muscles, tendons, and tissues, making your body feel calmed.

Relieves stiff neck

stiff neckA stiff neck leads to other problems such as pains in the shoulders and the upper back. It can be caused by muscle overuse and emotional stress, as well as poor sitting posture. A hot shower can be the best treatment for a stiff neck because the heat rejuvenates the trapped nerves and compact muscles. For effective relieve, roll your neck and shoulders gently while in the shower to loosen the muscles further.

Skin cleansing

If you feel your skin is not aerated properly, probably there are toxins accumulated in the pores. The toxins are as a result of creatine and ammonia in the sweat, and can be cleaned through taking a hot shower. When you aerate the skin, the whole body feels refreshed and revitalized. This is quite important for effective performance even at work.

Get rid of coughs

If you usually take a cold shower during chilly weather, you are doing yourself an injustice. Cold weather is associated with frequent coughs which may not disappear as long as you are taking cold showers. A hot shower is an ideal way to get rid of the coughs because it eliminates the build up mucus in the nose and throat. The mucus is responsible for constant coughs and sneezing. Also, a hot shower can treat other problems associated with chilling conditions.

Types of Shower Heads

shower headIf you want a relaxing hot shower, ensure your bathroom has a good shower head. There are many types of shower heads in the market, which come at different prices. It is easy to find a reliable shower head as long as you know what you want. However, the cost of these units may be one of the limiting factors. It is advisable to check the features and the design first before buying. This is because some brands may sell at high prices whereas there are other better options to purchase at affordable prices.

Here are the shower head options to consider;

Single spray showerhead

This is a conventional shower head for a standard bathroom. They are relatively cheaper and come with an adjustable water nozzle for regulating shower patterns.

Rain shower head

The rain shower head is becoming a popular choice for many homeowners, especially when remodeling their bathrooms. They are ideal for spreading water over a larger surface area. No excessive hit pressure while taking a shower.

Handheld shower head

These are ideal for cleaning or rinsing those hard-to-reach areas. Also, they can be perfect when taking a hot shower because you can direct a steam of water to an aching area.

Dual shower head

A dual shower head consists of several typical heads, and it has a lever control to adjust water flow. They also have a diverter valve whereby you can use a single head at a time. They come in different designs. Some have fused shower heads, while others have separated shower heads.

Ceiling shower heads

These are mounted on the bathroom ceiling, and they give a rain-like shower similar to rain shower heads. It spreads water over a large surface area but does not splash water on the bathroom walls.