stressDid you know that the common kitchen activities can stress your body muscles? For instance, you must bend and stretch when picking something out of the fridge, oven, or cupboards. Washing utensils in the sink can cause muscle straining due to a prolonged standing posture. Any lengthened posture has an impact on your spine, and it may lead to a backache. Kitchen chores seem very obvious to most of us, but they might be harming your spine structures unknowingly.

Different kitchen interior designs may differ from one house to another. Deeper sinks require bending slightly for you to rinse the utensils or foods properly. If the countertop is too high to reach properly, you need to stretch in order to work well. Above all, the type of kitchen faucet you have might be causing backache if you are stretching too much while washing dishes.

It is almost impossible to have 100% perfect kitchen faucets for comfortable working, but you can install models that can help you work more efficiently. This can be achieved through selecting the ideal faucet so that you don’t stand with a bad posture as you wash the dishes.

Types of Kitchen Faucets to Reduce Backache

Pull-down kitchen faucet

pull downIf you want a faucet to wash the dishes without stressing your back, pull out faucets can be the right option. Even if the sink is relatively deeper to reach properly, the faucet’s spray wand can help you rinse a pot while standing upright. It spreads water over a large surface area, making it ideal if you don’t want to bend.

Pull-out kitchen faucet

pull outPull-out faucets are useful for filling large vessels even outside the sink. For those with deeper kitchen sinks, it can be hectic to fill a pot and get it out of the sink. The pull out models have a spray wand that can be pulled out of the sink, and therefore making it easier to fill a vessel while placed on the countertop. This will also prevent too much bending, especially if you rinse stuff too often.

Two handle kitchen faucet

two handleIf you have a lower countertop, probably it will be difficult to work if your waist height is a bit higher than the countertop. A perfect countertop should have same height to your waist so that you don’t stretch your hands and back to reach the stuff placed on top. Therefore, you can solve this problem by installing a two handle faucet instead of replacing the entire countertop. The two handles are connected to the faucet itself, ensuring that it is above the countertop. This reduces the need to stretch too much to fill a container placed on the countertop. Therefore, you will prevent chances of experiencing backache afterward.

Widespread kitchen faucet with two handles

widespreadThese have two handles just like a two handle faucet, but they don’t have a centerset because the handles are not connected to the spout. However, the faucet is above the countertop. This means you don’t strain your back and hands while trying to get a pot out of the sink.

Wall mounted kitchen faucet

wall mountApart from their elegance looks, the wall mount kitchen faucets will prevent back pain. One of the causes of a backache is cleaning a countertop for several minutes since many faucets are installed on the countertop. They block your way while washing the countertop, and therefore spending a longer time. Since these are mounted on the wall, you will spend just a few minutes to clean the countertop. This means you will not stand for too long, which may cause back pain afterward.

Kitchen pot filler faucet

A typical kitchen pot filler faucet is mounted on the wall, but there are deck mount models available for island cooktop. They can be comfortably used while standing, thus preventing frequent bending whenever you want to fill a larger container.

Kitchen faucet with cold water dispenser

These are quite useful if you wash food stuff too frequent. They are designed to be positioned in food preparation sinks such as in the kitchen island. This allows you to cut and wash your vegetables comfortably, without stretching and bending too often.

Commercial kitchen faucet

commercialThese are designed with a tall gooseneck spout with a height of about 30 inches. They are highly professional and suitable for a modern kitchen. They are similar to pull down faucets because the long hose spray is suitable for even deeper sinks. The tall spout and the multi-option spray help the user to prevent bending while washing foods or dishes in the sink.

Lastly, the above types of kitchen faucets are likely to help you prevent a backache after working in the kitchen. They come in different prices and options to choose from. Therefore, you can check and compare the prices so that you can get what fits your needs and budget.