pollutionEnvironmental protection is a responsibility for all of us. We need to take good care of our environment by disposing of garbage in a more sustainable way. Relying solely on landfills to dump garbage can have negative impacts on the environment. Given that the food waste accounts for more than half of solid waste generated in urban areas, poor solid waste management can lead to high environmental pollution.

Due to the enormous food waste generated in every household, a landfill or dumpsite is not sufficient. Not every food waste should be transported to the landfills. For instance, soft fruit peels and vegetables can be ground and flushed into the drain pipe line using a garbage disposal. We shall see the benefits of having a garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposals

garbage disposalIf you have been using a garbage disposal, definitely you know it is one of the essential kitchen units. For those that have never used it before, you may wonder why they are being praised all over. It facilitates you kitchen chores because you don’t need to worry about those small and soft food materials. These wastes can clog your sink drain, but they can be disposed of through a garbage disposal easier.

Benefits of Garbage Disposals

Environmental Benefits

Most homeowners use plastic or polythene papers to put food wastes such as vegetables, fruit peels, and other food leftovers. You will need several papers on a daily basis, and thus increasing the amount of solid wastes generated in your house. Those papers are a big threat to the environment because they pollute soil, clog drainage systems, and degrade the appearance of the physical surrounding. With a garbage disposal, you will reduce the usage of such papers.

When food wastes are transported and dumped into a landfill, they rot and emit greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide. These gasses are responsible for increasing atmospheric temperature and therefore result in negative impacts on the environment. For instance, increased atmospheric temperature causes glaciations and floods that may lead to the destruction of property and loss of lives.

A garbage disposal uses water to flush the waste into the main drain pipe line. Same amount of water is used when trying to flush the waste through the sink drain. However, the sink drain may clog and attract costly plumbing repair work. With a garbage disposal, the liquid waste is efficiently directed to the main sewer treatment. The waste can be processed and used to make fertilizers, while the methane gas is used as a source of energy.

When the waste food is being transported, methane gas is produced constantly. This is a greenhouse gas, and can be harmful to the environment. Also, it can cause respiratory problems to humans and animals if inhaled directly. The garbage disposal eliminates this problem by ensuring the wastes are transported to the waste treatment through the drainage system.

Kitchen Hygiene Benefits

Throwing food wastes into a trash bag is unhygienic in the kitchen. This is because the rotting food will attract unwanted bacteria in the house. These bacteria may cause diseases such as cholera and diarrhea. With a quality garbage disposal, you can effectively get rid of the food wastes and flush the waste into the drain pipe.

cleaning kitchenThe rotting food waste can attract insects such as cockroaches and flies in the house. No one would like to see those insects. Once they feed on the waste, they attract bacteria which make the waste produce a bad odor. A garbage disposal helps you dispose of the waste in a cleaner way.

If you have a garbage disposal, you don’t need many trash bags to put food wastes. So, the trash bag will be filled with more non-rotting materials, and therefore no bad odor. Transporting the waste to a collection point is tiresome and hectic, especially if the bag is full of smelly and leaking wastes.

Convenient Benefits

dirtyA garbage disposal makes it easy when washing dishes after a meal. You don’t need to force food wastes into the sink drain. You just clean up the utensils and dispose of the food materials through the garbage disposal.

It is easy to use. You just drop the wastes into the unit, and then turn on the power button. The machine grinds the materials into small particles. Add water to flush the waste into the drain pipe for them to be directed to the sewage.

Lastly, a garbage disposal uses very minimal amount of water and energy. It will help you save more water and energy in the long run. Also, you will need limited plumbing repair because your sink drain is not being used to dispose of solid wastes. You will realize you have saved a lot of time and money in the long run. If you don’t have a garbage disposal at home, you are losing many benefits. Make arrangements of buying one.