postureA toilet is an essential facility we cannot live without. With the modern toilets, you just do your ‘business‘ while sitting. It is considered more ‘civilized’ to start and finish your toilet session while in a sitting position. However, some critics have come with a different opinion. They say the traditional squat position is better when it comes to efficient elimination. Anyway, it will depend on personal experience!

Since we have been used to modern toilets, many forget that the sitting posture has various implications and can affect the spine structures. This can even cause a backache, but very few people know that. The sitting time on the toilet may differ from person to person, but you are likely to feel back pain if you usually visit the toilet more frequently – that is, for a long call. The type of toilet you have may also determine whether or not you will feel back pain after the session. Toilets come in different styles, and they offer different levels of comfort. If a toilet offers a higher comfort, there will be fewer chances of getting a backache.

types of toiletsTo make your toilet search simpler, we have highlighted the different types of toilets. It is worth noting that these toilets come at different prices. Therefore, do not forget to compare prices for every model. This is important so that you can stay within your budget, as well as get what you wanted. So, let us look at the types of toilets based on their features.

Types of Toilets

  1. WC Health

wc healthThis is one of the most comfortable toilets on the market because it is designed by combining squatting pan and water closet comfort. It a red dot design award-winning toilet, with a sitting height of about 22 to 25 centimeters from the floor. This height is comfortable for most people. In addition to its comfortable features, it is coated with an anti-bacterial finish to keep it healthy throughout.

  1. Western Water Closet

These are designed for sitting because they come with a cover and seat. After using, you should close the cover before flushing. Almost all the toilets have an attached flushing tank which may be ceramic or plastic. A water seal inside the toilet traps a small amount of water. A typical western water closet has an open rim since the high position of the flushing tank makes the flushing efficient. Depending on your height, this toilet may be suitable for you. It has an average height of 500mm.

  1. Two-piece toilets

two piecesA two-piece toilet is designed by combining a ceramic tank and the toilet bowl. They are joined together with bolts, and that is why it is referred to as a two-piece toilet. They usually have closed rim so that water can be pressurized during flushing. It is a sitting toilet and can be ideal for those looking for either floor or wall mount toilets.

  1. One piece

This type of toilet is similar to western water closet toilets, and they come with a flush tank attached to the body of the toilet itself. The fused body and tank are made of ceramic and then fused together. They are perfect and reliable because leakage problems are significantly minimized. However, only the floor mount models are available in the market. This is because they are too heavy to install on the wall.

  1. Squatting pan

This is known as a classic and cheaper toilet compared to western water closet models. The toilet is not connected directly to the drainage pipeline because bad odor may suck into the squatting pan. It is connected using S or P trap and a water seal in order to prevent bad odor from escaping from the drain line pipe. The toilet may not be comfortable for those who don’t want to elevate their legs!

  1. Smart toilet

smartThese are the latest toilets on the market. They come with an electronic seat cover attached to the ceramic toilet. It can use a remote for setting parameters and functions. Some of its features include;

Automatic play of pre-set lyrics when someone comes closer

Seat cover opens automatically by use of sensors when person approaches

Dual flush – full or eco flush


There are many types of toilets today, and the classic models are being replaced by the modern versions day by day. However, every toilet comes with its own design features. It is easier to find a toilet as long as you have in mind the features you want. You might have seen it somewhere, and probably you are planning to remodel your bathroom. You should first check the size of the toilet and compare with the size of your bathroom. In other words, the toilet should fit well and leave a space for easy closing and the opening of the door.