hypothermiaHave you heard about hypothermia? This condition happens when your body’s internal temperature falls too low. According to health experts, a prolonged exposure to mild cold weather can even cause hypothermia. The most common symptoms include a backache and stiffness in the neck, shoulders, arms, and legs. During winter seasons older adults tend to suffer most from hypothermia. Therefore, it is advisable to have a heating system in the house to get rid of coldness.

When the light duration is shorter during the winter days, people may suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and depression. Even though experts say SAD is independent of temperature, people living in the extreme latitudes may be affected by this condition. On the hand, too cold weather can lead to depression because your body is less active. A reliable heating system is recommended to keep your body at the normal temperature condition.

wifi thermostatNowadays, Wi-Fi thermostats are the best for regulating climate in your house. They have an array of benefits compared to the traditional thermostats. This article will help you understand more about smart thermostats, and why you need to have one integrated into your central heating system.

Wi-Fi Thermostats and Benefits

Wi-Fi thermostats utilize a technology that allows you to control your home’s climate remotely using a computer or mobile devices such as tablet or smartphone. It facilitates an easier way of regulating your home heating even without coming into contact with the system itself.

Here are the benefits of using Wi-Fi thermostats;

  1. Efficient energy usage

energy efficientUnlike those thermostats that use a control panel to regulate temperature, Wi-Fi thermostats utilize a technology to control your home heating remotely. You can use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to regulate your central heating regardless of your location. During winter seasons, the temperatures are too low outside and inside the house. So, you might need to warm your house a few minutes before arriving at home. With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you will just turn on the system even before getting out of the office. The thermostat is connected to the internet network, and therefore you can log in and operate while you are far from home. It helps you save on energy bills because you don’t heat an empty room. In other words, you only switch on when heating is needed.

  1. Programmability

Modern thermostats do not rely solely on the control panel to regulate temperature in the house. Wi-Fi thermostats are programmable, meaning you can program the device to adjust itself according to temperature changes. This is very important especially due to temperature fluctuations during winter seasons. In case you forgot to program it, there is nothing to worry because it can be done remotely. You don’t need to return home early to adjust the heating. With your smartphone or tablet, everything can be done just by few taps. This feature makes the smart thermostat one of the handiest units to have in the house.

  1. Highly dependable

In addition to programmability feature, Wi-Fi thermostats are quite dependable for effective temperature regulation. The modern versions come with temperature differential feature, which maintains a steady heating throughout. The best Wi-Fi thermostats have a differential temperature of 1 Degree Celsius. This means the absolute error is 0.5 Degrees Celsius. If you program the thermostat to heat at 50 Degrees Celsius, the thermostat will be turning on whenever the temperature rises or lowers by 0.5 Degrees Celsius. This ensures that the occupants will never experience any difference in temperature. Try not to forget to read Wi-Fi thermostat reviews here.

  1. Ability to control remotely

 remote controlThe ability to control heating of your house remotely is an added advantage to any homeowner. Since the thermostat is internet enabled, you can access from any location. You can monitor the heating in your house while at work and program when it should turn on before you reach home. This is quite beneficial because you will find a suitable climate in the house. The modern thermostats can detect the current weather and control the heating based on that. In addition, it helps save more energy because you can turn on and off while you are away from home.

  1. Monitor the air filter

Wi-Fi thermostats use filter detectors to detect the rate of air filter wear. Since they can be operated remotely, you can check when the filter needs a repair or replacement. This is a very useful feature because you can plan better without constraining your financial budgets. It becomes easier and cheaper to maintain because you have real-time information about the condition of your home heating system.


The smart thermostats have much to offer due to their improved features. Some models can learn your schedule by detecting the presence of your mobile device in the house. Others learn your behavior and can sense when you are on the way to home, and therefore prepare the home’s temperature before arriving.